Low Carb Diet

Great Tips to get you going with Low Carb Diet

Looking for some motivation for keeping yourself strict to the Low Carb Diet? These can be useful...

Low Carb Diet Tip #1

To keep you out of the Ho Ho's when hunger strikes, it's advisable to keep ready to go, low in carbs snack close and ready to grab, may be in purse or even glove box!! A few of these can be vegetables, almonds, hard-boiled eggs, cheese slices, sliced meat and low sugar fruits, a low-carbs protein bar etc.

Low Carb Diet Tip #2

You can even fix up your carb allowance for the day and then count and plan these carbs judiciously to get the best out of it! Remember not to waste them on white flour and sugar.

Low Carb Diet Tip #3

Make eating a pleasurable and special activity of the day! By this u can actually savor the taste of what you eat instead of just gorging up everything in haste. Lighting candles, playing music, elegant crockery may further add up to the mood!

Low Carb Diet Tip #4

Have a nice breakfast so that you do not become 'snacky' around 10-11. Protein rich breakfast like egg, yoghurt etc is a nice way to start the day.

Low Carb Diet Tip #5

Carrying lunch from home also helps, as you carry according to what you have to eat, and do not have do be hunt out to order, and mostly end up having what should have been avoided!

Low Carb Diet Tip #6

Remember drinking ample water, may be eight to nine glasses a day (1.5 liters). It helps rid your body of toxins, and helps you burn calories more efficiently.

Low Carb Diet Tip #7

Keep a watch on whatever you take in. Read the labels and make sure you do not end up taking sugar in what ever form! (CAUTION: sugar, dextrose, fructose, honey, or corn syrup, are all forms of sugar)

Low Carb Diet Tip #8

For loosing weight you need low a calorie diet. Remember that fat has more than twice as many calories per gram than either carbohydrates or protein. A low carb, high calorie diet won't help u loosing.

Low Carb Diet Tip #9

Are you an emotional eater and tend to eat several times a day? Keep an eating diary and figure out when you are most susceptible to uncontrolled eating and what triggers you. Make plans to curb.

Low Carb Diet Tip #10

Exercise not only burns off excess calories, but it also helps burn fat and not proteins and increases metabolic rate so that you continue to burn more calories even not exercising! So, what else are we waiting for...? Just Get-Set and Go...

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