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What on earth does the phrase “natural weight loss" mean?  We have been using it for decades. Natural weight loss means losing weight by using a well-planned program of diet and exercise. This is a healthy way. Natural weight loss does not include pills, appetite suppressants or pharmaceutical or alternative products to alter your brain chemistry.

It is simple. Natural weight loss is exactly what is says it is. Most people know how to lose weight.  The false assurance of magic marketing or taking pills to fix everything has deluded the American public into thinking otherwise. We are the ones who chose pills instead of the natural processes that seem to be the harder path to follow.

Actually diet pills are harder on us than the perceived “hard way”.  They encourage a frustrating cycle of weight loss- gain it back-weight loss again.  Diet pills also offer many side effects that may be serious for some dieters, ranging from headaches to heart attacks. w

Why are we spending hundreds of dollars on such risky methods when we could lose weight naturally for free?  We seem to have no time for anything that is not fast.  Fast food--quick fix.  That is a seductive mindset in America. Look at what we are doing to ourselves. We are overweight. We eat synthetic food or toxic junk foods and rarely engage in physical activity at all.

Natural weight loss is sensible. The simplicity is almost mind-boggling.  Consume as few toxins as possible.  Plan to lose weight gradually. Make a goal of perhaps two pounds per week.

Ready for the natural and gradual approach, you now ask “How do I know what is toxic?”  The simplest way to reduce toxins for our bodies is to avoid:

  • stimulants
  • packaged,
  • prepared
  • frozen foods.

Packaged or frozen foods usually contain trace amounts of substances that can accumulate as toxins in your body.

WHAT? What is left to eat?  I do not have time to raise a garden or prepare fresh food. What else can I eat and keep on living my lifestyle?  You may be surprised when you stop and think about it. Think simply.  Look at familiar things with a new view.

One healthy and non-toxic diet that is all natural is to eat fruit and only fruit. Fruitarians proclaim it is the only toxin-free diet.  Some people eat mostly fruit and avoid other foods rather than eliminate them.

Exercise.  All natural weight loss plans include consistent and moderate exercise.  We drive more and walk less. What we need to do is sit less and move more. As we age we need to move more, yet we usually move less. One walk each day is often enough. While you are walking you may discover new beauty in the world around you.

Put together your personal natural weight loss plan. Make it suit your needs. Be persistent and stay with your program long enough to benefit from it.

You can achieve lasting results and be pleased with your choices.

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