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Braving the Maze of Weight Loss Programs

How many choices do you have to sort through to find the right weight loss program? LOTS. It is like a maze. Let us review the ways:

and The Scarsdale Diet, in addition to clinics retreats or even surgery. The list continues. How do you make a wise choice? How do you know which ones work best?

Over half of all American adults are either overweight or obese. Did you know that?

Why do we still waddle around if all those terrific programs work so well? Perhaps we await a miracle cure. Perhaps it is the very abundance of choices that holds us back. The vast array of weight reduction programs may inhibit our ability to form good, sound judgments on the subject in the first place!

Take It Nice & Easy

First let us take a look at what we need to do to actually Let's look at the formulate a useful weight reduction program for ourselves. It is important to see a doctor who will work with you. It is highly recommended to get professional advice on weight loss options that will best suit your needs, in addition to the possible health risks involved.

Go slow. Your doctor may be able to help you create a weight loss program that makes sense to both of you. What you want is one that works and will continue to work for a lifetime. It takes time to do things right. We may be are easily deceived in this age of instant gratification and want to leap to success overnight. Take the time to do it right, especially when going through the various choices for medication and surgery, Remember, this is YOUR life.

An Overview of weight loss programs

Here is a list of some of the most popular weight loss programs today:

  • The Zone Diet is a scientifically-designed weight management program best suited to diabetics. The Zone Diet achieves a goal of hormonal balance using insulin control and high doses of fish oil supplements.
  • The Scarsdale Diet combines a general low carbohydrate diet with grapefruit to produce a chemical reaction that results in weight loss.
  • The Atkins Diet is a high protein, high fat and low carbohydrate plan. It has shown some spectacular results though it is a somewhat radical approach. By recommending a diet of large quantities of animal fat it has attracted a great deal of attention in the past several years, both positive and negative. Some professionals find the Atkins Diet disturbing even though it has demonstrated good results.
  • Weight Watchers is the old and favored standby. It is a reliable as a food-lovers 12-step program. It is a well-rounded program that works by providing clients with lots of support, as well as an intelligent approach to weight management.

Consider Some Extras

Once you have made a decision about the diet and exercise program you will use, your physician and you may want to consider which additions may be helpful. There are so many additional options, perhaps a mix and match approach to the different add-ons will help. Discuss this with your physician.

Some possibilities may be: a support group, a daily videotape exercise program, Yoga, Tai-Chi or other alternative exercise. Perhaps reading about behavioral therapy will help reform the habits of a lifetime. Maybe practicing conscious eating methods such as chewing 20 times per bite or and not doing anything other than enjoying your food during a meal will help you stay focused.

When you take the time to get your personal weight loss program organized and balanced at the beginning, it can be your own for a lifetime.

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