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Nutrition and Aging: Helping to Stay Young

Understanding the AGING PROCESS

Aging is caused by the degeneration of cells. Our bodies are made up of millions of these cells, each with a life of around 2 years. Before a cell dies, it reproduces itself. However, with each successive reproduction, the cell goes through some alteration, which is basically deterioration. So, as our cells change, deteriorate, we grow old.


Substances such as nucleic acids, can rejuvenate the deteriorating cells and can directly nourish them.

Our body's nucleic acids are: DNA and RNA. DNA makes RNA that synthesizes proteins. When DNA stops giving the orders to RNA, new cell construction stops - as does life.

But, by helping the body stay well supplied with nucleic acids, you can look and feel 8-12 years younger than you actually are.

Correct Nutrition for anti-ageing

We need 1-1.5 grams of nucleic acid daily. Though the body can produce its own nucleic acids, they are broken down too quickly into less useful compounds and need to be supplied from external sources if the aging process is to be retarded.

To retard the aging process, we should have right nutrition. In our diet, we should include the foods which are rich in nucleic acids.

Foods Rich in Nucleic Acids (for anti-ageing)

Wheat germ, bran, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, fish (especially sardines, salmon, and anchovies), chicken liver, oatmeal, onion and certain types of nutritional yeast. Look for "rich in RNA and DNA" on the label of food products.

Once, you get the right nutrition, that is a diet high in nucleic acids and taking RNA-DNA supplements, you may notice a dramatic difference in how you look and feel. You will notice more energy and your skin will look more youthful and healthier.

High-nucleic acid nutrition might not reverse the aging process, but, it can definitely slow it down.

Caution: Gout and certain forms of arthritis may be aggravated by a rich diet in nucleic acids. So, if you have these conditions, check with your physician first.

Other Anti-ageing Supplements

If you are over forty, get your DHEA level checked by a physician. For men over forty, usual dose is 50 mg tablet daily; and for women over forty, usual dose is 25 mg tablet daily.

Caution: DHEA is a hormone and can theoretically stimulate the growth ofhormone-dependent cancers. If you have a history of prostate or breast cancer, I advise that you not use DHEA.

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