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A Patch of Blue in a Fool's Paradise

Weight loss patches are a study in contradictions. A promise amid a sea of non-facts. The product is sea kelp. It is a natural product. You may recognize it as seaweed. Sea kelp has been used in homeopathy for decades.

Weight loss patch companies contend that sea kelp will speed metabolism and break up fat. Marketing spreads this word. When taken orally sea kelp helps break up fat and speed up the metabolism.

Another oral product added to weight loss patches is 5-HTP. This natural chemical is a precursor to serotonin which is a brain chemical that is depleted by dieting. Does it work when you put it on your skin? No proof.

Guarana is often found in diet patches. This natural substance taken orally is said to balance metabolism, stimulate body systems and yet relieve stress. Plausible?

Many other ingredients sounding exotic and mostly natural are added to weight loss patches. Remarkable results are promised. They

These “no-risk” weight loss patches are incredibly simple to use. They are affordable. They seem to have no risks, like diet pills have. Not even exercise is needed. Though diet patches are said to work much better if you do exercise. Just eat a regular and balanced diet and you will lose weight with your patch. So they say.

Where is the truth? Face it. If all of this is true, if the weight loss patch really works, wouldn’t we all know it and use them? Surely we would. Why wouldn't we? They are affordable and easy. But we do not decry weight loss patches because logic tells us they are unreal.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) presented two lawsuits against companies that were marketing these weight loss patches. That was in December, 2004. The FTC said the weight loss patch does not result in loss of weight. Deceptive marketing, exaggerated claims and false statements described the heart of the case. For this to be successful the FTC needed facts. There are no supported reports of success with weight loss patches. Their ingredients are aids for weight loss in laboratory settings when taken by mouth, not through skin. Tests showed it is not possible to absorb the amount of these ingredients needed to reduce weight by using a patch.
Weight loss patches are popular. Why? Marketing. Psychology. Indolence. Companies create a product to sell and then marketing wins the masses of people. Who would not want to try a painless and affordable and easy weight loss patch? Why not just this once?

Stop tossing money away. Fads and miracle cures come and go. Your body’s fitness is essential to your health. Isn’t it time to recognize the serious nature of weight management?

Let us get into responsibility. Reclaim your body. Reclaim your mind. Think for yourself. Talk with your healthcare professional. Start a sensible and gradual diet plan. Get more active. Make a lifetime commitment and be persistent. No cheating allowed.

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