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Your major cause of worry wakes you up at three in the morning. You are so agitated you promise to change. Then you fall asleep and forget your promise. But the next time you wake up in the middle of the night you look in the mirror and remember. Your fat. That is what is getting to you. Sometimes you wish you could just whack off slices of it and be done with it. Ah, but then you rethink “Bad Choice.” You are more sensible than that. At least for a few days.

All sorts of secondary problems and conditions come from being overweight, or obese. We think we did everything to make things right. But we discover we are still insecure or unhappy. When the last diet attempt did not work, we slip into depression and eat too much again. Bulimia, depression, anorexia are all associated with weight conditions.

Most of us are too fat. Americans have never been this fat before. Typical labels of fat or overweight do not come close any more. Today it is far more likely to be obese. No longer plump or chubby, perhaps a more accurate description is morbidly obese.

Morbidity means leading towards death. Obesity is becoming morbid. In the land of Hollywood glamour, fat means “Bad Choice” or “Loser”.

Americans are mostly sedentary. Offices and televisions and computers all seem to conspire to keep us seated and inactive. With our abundance of food on demand who knows how bad it has to get before we pull ourselves out of the weight issue? How many people will really act on this information?

Are choosing wisely now?

People who choose to check out the multitude of alternatives for weight loss may actually become so frustrated and confused that they retreat and overeat again. How many is too many? Frauds, fakes and fads stand in the path to creating successful weight loss programs. Since we are each different people, what works for you may not work for me or a hundred others.

Remember these keys to selecting a weight loss program:

  • Most programs are dependent upon you spending money NOT on you losing weight. Your own lack of commitment sabotages the program you just purchased.
  • Exercise is integral to your weight loss plan. It is the primary strategy for most of us. In historic times, our daily lives kept us active. Today we need to create movement in our days. If you are not exercising regularly, you are only hurting yourself first.
  • What about work? Is your desk job your excuse for inactivity?
  • Does someone actually force you to hang around in front of the TV or play video games or visit chat rooms when you get home?
  • Who makes you eat that junk food you just bought?
  • Who is ignoring the question of weight while achieving temporary comfort by overeating or remaining in that lounge chair?

Okay. So you really do know the answer already. You are simply not ready to begin. You want to be normal or slim or attractive without making any changes with your behavior. What is normal anyhow?

STOP. Read that again. If that sounds true for you, perhaps you have just taken a baby step toward reclaiming your body and yourself. If it is not true you are either an extraordinarily fit person who is the exception to the rule, or you are possibly in denial. Denial is a tough place to be. We cannot leave it until we make some changes.

Change. Change is what it is all about. One of the most challenging things we do is make conscious choices to change, particularly when it comes to habits. But it is possible to change habits. Once you have accomplished one change it is just a tiny bit easier to take the next step.

Weight loss and weight maintenance is more than how to manage food. It is more than the combination of food and exercise. Really it is about you. Who are you? Who do you value the most? Are you ready to be your own most valuable player of the year?

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