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Junk food has created a serious nutritional problem worldwide for adults as for kids, leading to mental and physical growth complications and disease. The importance of vitamins for children is vital during the different growth stages since they are more likely than the ones that like to east such kinds of food instead of a healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Understanding childhood ages and stages it is possible to establish the required vitamin intake of your children. The general, but not universal definitions of ages and stages is as follow: newborns or neonates from birth to 28 days, infants from 1 to 12 months, toddlers from 1 to 3 years, preschooler from 3 to 5 years, school age from 5 to 11 years, preteen or teen from 11 to 12 years and teens starting from 13 and older. Vitamins for children requirements vary according to your kids' age.

A child eating nutritious diets usually gets the vitamins and minerals needed from the same diet and only needs a periodical support dose of vitamins or dietary supplements if any. However, those kids who love junk food, are more picky eaters, come from a poor household or live in environments where the meals come mainly from the stores' freezers or the nearest pizzeria do not get enough vitamins and minerals. For these kids vitamins for children must be added to their diets.

Ironically, most children hate taking their vitamins with just the mention of the word or because the vitamins taste. Fortunately now, it is possible to find good tasting vitamins with funny shapes to supply children the proper nutrients. As a note the fact is that even in those homes where healthy food is served every day but children are going through a growth spurt or decide to start an early vegetarian diet, vitamins may be necessary.

Those children may not be getting enough B vitamins, and in the case of kids with chronic illnesses a missed meal may affect their organism and not be able to meet their nutritional requirements. Child's vitamins and blood sugar levels will be affected after 10 hours of sleep and the daily routine of dressing and going to school, and they must be dropped if breakfast is not eaten even if only just for one day.

Distracted, cranky children without the ability to concentrate and learn are common among those not eating balanced diets or taking additional vitamins supplements. Cereals and grains are important in every child’s breakfast since that is where they get a lot of the fiber intake, and they are added with essential vitamins along with complex carbohydrates. Serve fruit or a glass of fresh fruit juice in the breakfast, and do not forget the milk, important for its protein as well as for the fat that may help kids get through to the next meal.

Vitamins for children are a powerful aid if you see your children’s requirements are not fulfilled with their regular diet since it is hard to get the five servings of fruits and vegetables that children need. 3 meals a day may not meet the needs of children going through a growth spurt, they need to eat more frequently and healthy snacks as mid meals the same as those who suffers from fatigue. Snacks dense in nutrition, but not in sugar, salt or fat may not be considered junk food.

The better choices include yogurt, fruit, pretzels, carrot sticks or other vegetable snacks, and dry cereal, even those processed bars available in the market, as long as they are not highly sugared or sweetened. These snacks along with vitamins for children and the skip of sodas in favor of fruit juice, milk or water may be significant in your kids growing.

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